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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Packing for a Move

Packing is usually one of the most demanding parts of any relocation. Many things and tiny details influence the overall success of your move. Packing your moving boxes is the aspect of the move that demands the greatest planning and execution. And if you don’t avoid some of the most typical packing mistakes, you may risk losing precious time and money. Moreover, your relocation will almost certainly be far more complex than it has to be. To successfully stay away from mistakes to avoid when packing for a move, check these six most usual culprits. 


1. Rushing

If you don’t give yourself enough time to prepare, you will ultimately become frustrated and overwhelmed. Since packing demands lots of time and additional planning, it is impossible to finish it quickly. The less time you have to pack, the more complex the procedure will be. Therefore, you might want to try your best to time everything appropriately.


For instance, the best thing would be to give yourself even more than enough time. You might want to have two or three weeks to do thorough packing. This will save you time in the long run because there will be no mistakes when it comes to packing your belongings.


On the other hand, you certainly do not want to pack your belongings at the last minute. Last-minute packing is one of the worst things you can do when moving to a new place, whether across the state or just next door. It is believed that haste makes waste, which is undoubtedly true with packing. As already mentioned, you might want to start packing two weeks in advance. Allowing yourself enough time is critical to a smooth move. It also applies to choosing the best moving company and unpacking your possessions.


It is a fact that packing your belongings always takes longer than you expect. To avoid the typical mistakes when packing for a move, you might want to start early and work your way through it gradually and slowly. All in all, it is well-known that relocations are pretty challenging to handle. Apart from this, you should know that there are quite a few tricks for surviving your relocation that might be useful


a woman with a clock on her face.
Timing is one of the most common problems when moving and packing for a move.


2. Trying to execute a DIY move

It is a fact that packing is a difficult task. It requires lots of time and effort. Apart from time, lots of concentration and attention are needed if you want to stay away from mistakes to avoid when packing for a move. However, it is nearly impossible to complete your relocation on your own. You might think that it is achievable at first. However, eventually, you realize that you need the support of your friends and family to make the process more efficient and enjoyable.

Friends might help you up to a point. They may assist you in finding moving boxes, labeling them, or even transporting your belongings. Nevertheless, on the other hand, your friends and family are unlikely to be expert movers. For a faster and safer packing experience, you might want to consider hiring a moving company.


This is especially the case when you are moving out of state for the first time. If leaving your home statehire professionals instead of trying to handle the move by yourself. Moving to another state is undoubtedly difficult and time-consuming. It is critical to hire some of the best moving companies to help you move from one state to another. Apart from saving you time, they will help you have a less stressful move.


a woman thinking about how to avoid mistakes when packing for a move.
In case you are worried mistakes to avoid when packing for a move, make sure to hire professional movers.


3. Pack heavily

Another mistake that most people make is packing heavy objects in a single box. This makes the box challenging to carry, and it might also cause the box to fall apart and destroy or damage your belongings. You might want to divide large items into numerous moving boxes to avoid this.

It might seem that this is more difficult and expensive since it demands buying many packing boxes. However, it is critical to get many boxes instead of overloading them. Moreover, although property damage is not a pleasant experience, damage to your body is considerably worse. That is why you might want to pack your belongings in many smaller boxes that are easy to carry. For instance, if you are worried about how to pack your clothes, make sure you first decide what’s truly important. One of the most important ones is to start packing early and not make your bags and boxes overflow.

4. Bad labeling

Another mistake that people make when packing for a move is the bad labeling of their moving boxes. Labeling your boxes is undoubtedly an excellent way to have a relocation that is easier and more organized. It makes it easy to figure out what is inside. However, many people pack incorrectly. Namely, to do it correctly, it is not necessary to list all of the contents of a box. What you can do is state the sort of contents. Listing all of the items might waste time and confuse you when unpacking. You might want to make sure that you label the boxes with permanent markers.

5. Using plastic bags

Plastic bags are never a good choice. It is a typical case that when people run out of moving boxes, they tend to use plastic bags. They provide little protection for your belongings. Instead of using them, you might want to get more cardboard or plastic boxes. If you cannot get enough moving boxes, make sure to hire professionals. They will certainly provide you with all sorts of packing materials. All in all, there are many reasons why hiring professionals is essential.

a plastic bag on the ground.
One of the most frequent mistakes to avoid when packing for a move is using plastic bags.

6. Forgetting ‘’an essentials bag’’

It is a common occurrence to forget that once your belongings are loaded into moving trucks, you will not have access to them. People tend to pack their essentials in moving boxes that are out of reach during transportation. Having access to your essentials is the key to a tranquil and stress-free relocation.

Final thoughts

Packing is definitively demanding and time-consuming. If you make the mistake of presuming that professional packing services are not necessary, it might make your relocation even more difficult. Packing at the last minute might cause you trouble with your entire relocation. Moreover, if you pack too many belongings in a single box, you might also make the relocation more challenging. By paying attention to these mistakes to avoid when packing for a move, you will be able to decrease the stress of relocating and ensure a smooth transition.

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