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7 Tips for Decluttering Your Home Before the Move

What is clutter, actually? It is defined as everything you maintain that adds zero value to your life. Creating space in your house for the things that actually matter is the goal of decluttering. It should be done frequently, but most of us wouldn’t still have time to organize and rearrange our crowded closets, messy areas, and over-stuffed rooms on a regular basis. Decluttering a full house may appear to be an enormous chore. Still, if you take it one step at a time and in little increments and engage some of the fantastic storage solutions, it will become much more practical. We’ve compiled a list of tips for decluttering your home before the move with the idea of saving some money.

What are tips for decluttering your home before the move?

Over a lifetime, we all prefer to stockpile stuff to the point that we sometimes run out of additional storage or live in a crowded environment. That’s not only unpleasant to the eye, but it may also have a harmful impact on your health. That is why it is critical to declutter and maintain your home tidy on a regular basis. It’s not only about getting rid of stuff in your house. It’s about improving mental health in many people’s lives.

However, possessing less often makes them feel confused, frightened, anxious, and even discouraged. It’s a shame, but that’s the truth. Understanding well how to reduce the stuff in your house and your life doesn’t have to be as difficult as some people make it seem. There are tricky advantages, and we will list them here.

1.   Make a plan and stick to it.

Setting a timer is one of the most effective strategies to stay focused and committed. Cleaning for 30 minutes or up to one hour can be highly beneficial if you are not getting distracted easily and remain focused. Setting a timer schedule will help you concentrate and minimize interruptions.

A family taking a picture of the wall while decluttering
Cleaning for 30 minutes or up to one hour can be highly beneficial


Beginning on a big cleaning project without a strategy can be a failure. It opens the door to distraction, frustration, and eventual decluttering disaster. Create a decluttering strategy that maintains working your way through your whole home, area by area, in a logical way. It’s a great idea to split each space into tiny sections or tasks so you can quickly stop and start if you’re interrupted while decluttering. To assist, always begin with small parts and quick decluttering chores.


2.   When it comes to decluttering, how do you classify tasks?

You may declutter your cuisine by focusing on one type of item at a time, for example, pots, dinnerware, cookware, or baking pans. The second way is by going through each zone. The very first procedure is deep cleaning each location, examining each object, and bringing everything to its proper place.


Just start with one area at a time. When you’ve developed and executed a strategy, commit to it. It may even be tempting to move to another area and begin cleaning there, but this would reduce your odds of really finishing the task.

Attics, basements, and hard-to-reach spaces at the top of wardrobes are ideal places to hide something to avoid having to deal with it. This space is often chaotic, so if you are wondering how to declutter a basement, begin with it before moving on to the other rooms.

3.   Take before and after photos

This is a simple one. Just take before and after photos. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ve made and how much room you’ve freed up in your home. Perhaps you will reconsider your decision to relocate and choose to stay.

4.   Sell, donate, recycle, throw

Decide what to keep or what to give away, sell, recycle or throw. If you have stuff you don’t use very often, you need to decide. Seasonal items include bicycles, camping gear, summer chairs, fairy lights, many decorations, etc. Just make a decision on what is dustier than it needs to be. Invite your children, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and anybody else you like to come over and get them something that you no longer require. All other stuff should be recycled if possible or properly disposed of. You will be left only with your most prized belongings.

5.    Rent a storage unit

A rented self-storage facility might be precisely what you need to boost your self-confidence while moving. You need a storage unit if you are:


  • Exhausted from tripping over old toys or memorabilia
  • Concerned about the possible fire risk that large layers of documentation or newspapers present
  • In need of a more practical place to store seasonal Xmas trees and decorations that you aren’t even using
storage units
A rented self-storage facility might be precisely what you need while decluttering your home before the move

For a small monthly cost, your belongings will be kept secure, dry, and safe and insured from loss or damage. But make sure you pay your rent every month, or your things may land on a public exhibit on one of the sites. Just make sure that you have professional movers on your side and their top suggestions.


6.   Organize a yard sale

Are you prepared to declutter your home and earn money at the same time? Like many other owners, you have most likely accumulated many items you no longer use. You might be wondering where all of those items came from. One morning before lunch, hold a garage sale to clear your home while also socializing with your neighbors.

A person selecting a vinyl from a box full of vinyl at a garage sale sign
It’s important to put the garage sale date on the sign

It’s important to put the garage sale date on them. If the deadline has gone and you don’t plan on having a sale anytime soon, simply drop the boxes off at a donation center.

7.    What if it takes too long?

Dispose of these items right away or make a plan to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Put the carton boxes in the trunk of the car to send it away the next day if you’re donating to a charity.


It might be unpleasant to live in a limited space. It may appear like everything you carry thru the door immediately makes the entire space feel crowded. However, with the correct storage options, you can maximize the space or have a quick move. I hope this post has provided you with some great tips for decluttering your home before the move.


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