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How to Host a Successful Pre-Move Garage Sale

The moving season is in full swing and we couldn’t be happier! It’s the perfect time to start sorting through your things, whether you’re planning on staying put or relocating. Of course, if you’re moving anytime soon then it’s also a great time for a pre-move garage sale. Hosting one doesn’t have to be stressful–there are plenty of benefits that come with it! The less clutter you have in your home, the lighter your load will be when it comes time for moving day and the cheaper your move will cost. There are many other reasons why hosting a pre-move garage sale is worth it too: we’ll discuss some of them below!

Make a list of the items that you will be selling at the garage sale.

Just like a real store, you’ll want to keep an inventory of the items you’re offering. It will help you stay organized both in the setup and when things get rolling.  You’ll also be able to track your sales and profits easier.

Since you already have a number of things lined up to sell, organizing them will make it easy for potential buyers to find exactly what they want without wasting time looking through all the items on offer. It makes their shopping experience more satisfying which leads to happier customers who are willing to pay top dollar!

Organize by product type.

You’ll want to divide the items into similar groups so that buyers can easily find what they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed with choices. Organizing things this way also makes it easier to price everything evenly and fairly since you won’t be selling a single item at too high or too low of a cost when compared against another one in its group.

Price your items clearly but generously.

Since people will already have an idea about how much money they want to spend, make sure your prices are reasonable while still leaving some room for negotiation if necessary (but only until the garage sale has officially started). You should also take into account that second-hand goods tend to sell quickly–and good sellers generally mean good prices, so make sure you price things accordingly.

Gather the family to help with the sale.

Many people like garage sales because they get a lot of enjoyment out of finding really great deals on quality merchandise and want to share that satisfaction with others! You’ll be surprised what some people will pay for items if they think it’s worth more than their actual value–so make sure your goods look their best and are priced right (we’ll discuss this in more detail below). Having the whole family pitch in is also an easy way to keep everyone busy while still making money from your pre-move garage sale. It can even become a fun activity where you all work together towards one goal: earn as much profit as possible!

Make sure your items are clean, presentable, and in good working order.

If you want to get top dollar for each item then it needs to look its best when on display–after all, the way an object looks is often just as important as how much it costs.

Even though buyers will be able to inspect any items before making a purchase they still need time to consider what’s being sold so make sure every product has enough of that available by keeping things tidy and organized. Having clearly marked prices can help too since people don’t like spending more money than necessary unless absolutely necessary (and if something is priced higher than their budget allows then why even bother looking at it?)  Your family may or may not appreciate this step, but it’s worth the effort since things sell much better when they’re clean, don’t smell bad or have other imperfections that would make someone think twice before purchasing.

Hosting a pre-move garage sale is one of the best ways to both declutter and earn some extra money. If you’re already moving then it’s even easier than if you weren’t since your stuff will be packed up anyway–just make sure you price everything right so that buyers don’t feel like they aren’t getting their money’s worth when compared against another item in its group (and hopefully this blog post has given you enough great reasons why having a pre-move garage sale should definitely be on your priority list!).

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