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How To Pack Clothes For Moving

Managing clothes when moving is a necessary chore. It requires some planning and packing for it to go smoothly. Here are some useful tips on how to pack clothes for moving. Use wardrobe boxes when packing clothes. They can fit in a lot of clothes and also allow you to hang the clothes on the rail for easy sorting and searching later on. Roll or fold clothes instead of hanging them up. When moving, it is easier to pack folded clothing as opposed to hanging them up.

Start Packing Early

Moving is often something that requires packing, and getting clothes into suitcases is the first step in this process. We realize how important it is to pack your clothes carefully as you don’t want to forget anything behind during your move. At times, people tend to procrastinate on when to start packing. Some people take ages to start this process and time catches up with them without having done a thing. This is avoidable if proper planning is done. Packing clothes for moving should be done immediately after you decide to move. We recommend that you spend at least four weeks putting all your clothes in moving boxes. The aim is to avoid rushing at the last minute as it encourages forgetting some of the clothes behind.


Remind yourself that you don’t have to pack every item that you own. Start out by analyzing your closets. There will always be a few items that aren’t needed anymore. Create sections in the closet that are divided out by destination, such as:

a. To be packed

b. To be donated

c. To be discarded

The best way to move clothes is to lighten the load right away. You may find that there aren’t as many items to be packed afterward. Be sure to donate as much of the gently used items as possible so that others can benefit from them.


Another tip from our experts is to separate the clothes after sorting them. Gather all of your shorts together to fold them as a group, for example. You may also separate the clothes by material or season.

Experiment with the separation guideline because it can streamline the packing process. Items of the same material or shape can fold and fit into each other, which reduces the clothing volume. When you learn how to pack purses, for example, fitting smaller bags into the larger ones creates more space in your suitcases.

Pack Your Delicate Items With Extra Care

However, that doesn’t mean that you can just throw everything into boxes. Some items will require a little extra care, such as your purse collection. Purses can lose their shape if they are flattened, so you will want to pack purses for a move carefully. First, stuff them with crumpled paper or other filler and wrap each purse with a protective dust cover. If your purse didn’t come with a dust cover, you could use a soft towel or even a cotton T-shirt to use as wrapping. Then, place each purse in a box slightly larger than the purse itself.

Keep Important Items Handy

There are a few things to know before you begin to pack up your clothes. For one, you don’t want to pack all of your clothes because you will still need a few things to wear until you get completely moved and begin to unpack your wardrobe. To make it easier to find what you need, pack a separate box or suitcase with a few outfits, including a set of PJs to sleep in. You should also pack other essential items that you need to have handy such as your contacts or glasses (if you need them), makeup, and other toiletry items. Once you have packed your “essentials,” you can pack up everything else that you can live without for a while.

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

If you have time, it’s also a good idea to launder clothing that has been sitting in your drawers or closet and collecting dust. That way, you will have one less thing to do when you unpack, and your clothes will be fresh right out of the box.

How to Pack Clothes for Moving

How to move clothes depends somewhat on preference and also how long your clothes will be in storage. There are a couple of different ways to pack clothes. You can leave them on the hangers and fill a large wardrobe box. This is a great option for long-distance moves or if your clothes will be in storage for some time.

You can also leave clothes in their drawers and then take out the drawers of your dressers (for easier moving). For extra protection, you can secure some plastic around the drawers once you remove them. Keep in mind that clothes get heavy, so don’t stuff the box full. This will also help to prevent the hangers from poking through the sides of the box and will also help to reduce wrinkles.

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